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General Electrical Services

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ElectricalWe service all electrical needs that a customer may have from installing additional power points, light fitting, consumer board upgrade, rental compliance inspection, safety inspection and much more.

At OnTrack Solar & Electrical we provide a wide range of electrical services including:-

• General Electrical Maintenance

• Periodical Inspection - also known as an electrical safety check, condition report or electrical compliance certificate

• Smoke Alarm Installation

• Switchboard Upgrades

• Lighting installations

• Installation of ceiling fans, exhaust fans and range hoods

• Installation of bathroom fan/heater/light units

• Replacement of kitchen appliances like electrical ovens or cooktop stoves and more

• Installation of additional lights, switches, dimmers and power point (GPO)

• Security lighting and sensor light installations

• Electric timers

• Safety switches and surge arresters

• Outdoor power supply

• Full or partial house rewiring

Periodical Inspection: Electrical Safety Check and Electrical Condition Report

All electrical installations, over time, will deteriorate naturally as they are a working mechanism made up of various components and working systems.

Much like your car, it is important that you ensure you carry out checks on the condition of the electrics in your home at regular intervals.

This will help identify any faults or defects which could require improvement and will ensure the continued operation of the installation in a safe and effective manner.

This is also a very useful report when buying a property as it will give you a good indication of the condition of the electrics within the property and whether there is anything that needs to be rectified. It is also a requirement if you are looking at renting your property out.

Smoke Alarm Installation

From 1 July 1997 the installation of mains powered smoke alarms became mandatory for all new residential buildings (or residential building extensions) within Western Australia. Since 1 October 2009 mains powered smoke alarms must also be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to the transfer of ownership, rent or hire.

Smoke alarms have a life span of 10 years and need to be checked regularly.

Smoke alarms are inspected as part of the periodic inspection to ensure they are working and within date.

At OnTrack Solar & Electrical we take safety seriously, especially when it comes to protecting your family and much loved home. We ensure that we keep up to date with the ever changing legislative requirements and technology, contact us to discuss your smoke alarm needs.

Switchboard Upgrades

Your switchboard is the heart of all your electrical wiring in your home! Like us as we age we can become brittle, slow at reacting and in some cases not react at all.

This can be likened to your switchboard. Let us consider a couple of important reasons why you may need to upgrade your switchboard:

• Short Circuits

Older switchboards have a greater fault currents, meaning that there is a risk of the fuses catching fire, or risk of electric shocks. If your current switchboard still uses replaceable wires on the fuses, it is a safety hazard and can result in damage to the installation especially if the wrong size wire is used, we recommend them to be replaced.

• No Safety Switch (also known as RCD's)

RCDs save lives! RCDs cut the electricity supply instantly if a person touches a live part and receives a shock.

By installing RCDs you can have the comfort of knowing you and your family are safer should one of you receive an electrical shock, maybe through a faulty piece of equipment. If your properties was constructed after 2000 it should already have two RCDs fitted as a minimum. An electrical safety switch is a crucial feature of modern switchboards.

• Insufficient Power Supply

In this day and age our homes now rely on many more appliances to run than they did back when they were first built.

With a reliance on computers, security systems, home theatre equipment, air conditioners, microwaves, pool pumps, stereos and more, it is essential that your switchboard is able to handle the amount of electricity required by the household. Indications of an insufficient power supply are power tripping and flickering lights.

Did you Know?

Under the Electricity Regulations 1947, (the Regulations), if you are planning to sell or rent your home, RCDs must be fitted to protect all circuits supplying power points and lights before renting the property or the land title is transferred.

An upgrade of your switchboard is not a big investment when considering your family's safety! If you would like an assessment of your switchboard, call OnTrack Solar & Electrical for a professional opinion. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation and recommendation or a full periodical inspection with a detailed report of your installation.

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