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PV (photovoltaic) Solar System Fault Finding and Rectification

Solar System Fault Finding Check

Is your inverter not working? Perhaps showing a fault light or red light?

System Fault FindingHas it got a fault code or description displayed on the screen?

We can diagnose and fix any faults or issues and take care of any warranty claims!

Common Faults:

Relay Failure

This is a mechanical component within the inverter that has failed. If your inverter is still under warranty this would be a warrantable claim.

ISO Fault or Isolation Fault

This is generally a fault on the roof with the array or in some case within the DC side of the inverter. An isolation fault means the inverter has detected a leakage down to earth. This normally happens in winter when the panels and connections are wet or moist from the dew.

What causes an isolation fault?

Common causes of isolation faults are water ingress in DC isolators, incorrect termination of connections or incorrect connections used, faulty or smashed solar panels and incorrect installation of DC cables or damaged insulation.

Do I need to investigate or have faults repaired?

Yes, when the inverter is in fault this means the inverter is not working!

In some case if the fault is left this could result in the failure of the inverter. For instance, isolation faults are only picked up on startup of the inverter and therefore if the fault occurs during operation of the inverter this could result in failure of the inverter as the current path changes. Early rectification not only gives you a more reliable system but also prolongs the life of the system.

Fault Codes

Fault codes are also displayed as numbers. For example: E021, E06, 405, 439, 403, 457, 475

Each manufacture has their own code reference. If you are unsure OnTrack Solar & Electrical will be happy to assist. We can look up the code and give you the appropriate recommendation.

What Do I Need To Do?

1.Take a picture of the fault (some faults can be difficult to find and the more information we have the easer it is).

2. Note what the weather condition is, time and date.

Can I get my inverter to work without having it inspected?

You may read on a number of different websites that you can perform a system restart. This can be true in the sense that it may start up and start working again and in some incidences rectify the fault but in most cases it is just putting a patch on the wound. Like a wound, if not dealt with correctly it could lead to amputation or in this cause failure.

How Can I Get My PV Solar System Fixed?

OnTrack Solar & Electrical are specialists in this field and we would be happy to carry out a solar system fault finding check to determine the condition of the installation. We offer a large range of affordable replacement inverters, panels or parts should they be required.

We provide you with a full report that can be used for an insurance claim (if determined to be claimable we will also provide an insurance letter).

What Is Included In a Solar System Fault Finding Check?

• Inspection of solar panels ensuring they are secure and free of defects

• Inspection of parts for deterioration/corrosion

• Ensuring vents are free of debris

• Inspection of switches ensuring they do not have any defects

• Ensuring wiring has not been damaged/has not deteriorated

• Electrical checks to ensure all components are operating as intended

• Confirming fittings and cables are securely attached

• Reviewing the inverter display panel for recorded faults

• Checking that access to the isolator switches has not been impeded

• Making sure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed

• The battery storage system (if it is part of your system) is in good working order (visual inspection)

• A comprehensive assessment report including recommendations for rectifications

Solar System Fault Finding Check from $250.00 inc. GST

OnTrack Solar & Electrical are committed to helping our elderly ones in the community and as a result offer a discount to eligible pensioners!

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