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PV (photovoltaic) Solar System Health Check/Servicing

Looking After Your Solar Investment

Some solar companies dislike servicing and maintaining your solar system - We love it!

That is right! OnTrack Solar & Electrical are happy to service and look after your investment. We will diagnose and fix any faults or issues and take care of any warranty works as-well.

You may ask yourself: Why do I need to Maintain my Solar Panel System?

Before and After

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Scheduled maintenance will minimise system failure, protect your investment, provide ongoing reliability and most importantly, ensure your system is safe and generating maximum energy.

Just like running a car, regular servicing is the best way to ensure your solar panel system keeps operating safely, correctly and efficiently.

It is important that regular maintenance is carried out on your solar panel system. Undertaking regular maintenance will ensure your system is operating safely, correctly and efficiently.

Over time dust and debris will build up on your solar panels, which may compromise the performance of your system. In addition, water and moisture seepage, pests, hail, wind and sunlight can all cause damage or deterioration to your system.

By ensuring regular routine maintenance is undertaken, you can ensure your solar panel system is safe for everyone living in the premise along with electrical workers working on the distribution network.

Routine maintenance will also ensure your system performance is maintained, allowing you to maximise savings on your power bills for many years.

What is included in your PV (photovoltaic) solar system health check?

Maintaining your solar panel system involves much more than simply cleaning your solar panels. Regular maintenance of your solar system includes:

• Inspection of solar panels ensuring they are secure and free of defects

• Inspection of parts for deterioration/corrosion

• Ensuring vents are free of debris

• Inspection of switches ensuring they do not have any defects

• Ensuring wiring has not been damaged/has not deteriorated

• Electrical checks to ensure all components are operating as intended

• Confirming fittings and cables are securely attached

• Reviewing the inverter display panel for recorded faults

• Checking that access to the isolator switches has not been impeded

• Making sure the emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed

• The battery storage system (if it is part of your system) is in good working order (visual inspection)

• Cleaning of solar panels using a filtration system that ionises the water to assist in cleaning and removing hard water molecules from the water leaving your panels spot free and sparking clean

• A comprehensive assessment report

Standard health check from $250.00 inc. GST.

OnTrack Solar & Electrical are committed to helping our elderly ones in the community and as a result offer a discount to eligible pensioners!

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